Two Rebels Tech
8 West 5th, Tonasket, Wa. 98855

Tuesday - Friday | 8:00 - 5:00

Yeah not a lot here yet. Difficult to say what everything costs so for now you're going to need to contact us with a description of your issue and we can give a rough idea what kind of costs your looking at.

Shop rates are $75.00 / hour, so if a job takes half an hour that translates to 37.50. Not everything is billed by the hour though. Many jobs such as replacing a phone screen are fixed prices.

We do have a minimum bench fee of 25.00. Basically if we need to check in your device for trouble shooting etc. (put it up on the bench) we'll charge the bench fee. There are times we can help without checking in your device, in which case we often let you name your own price! Cool huh?

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