Two Rebels Tech
8 West 5th, Tonasket, Wa. 98855

Tuesday - Friday | 8:00 - 5:00

OK mostly these are answers, not questions :)

Our 'normal' is to be busy. Often wait time for computer fixes is 7 days.

Difficult to say exactly how long a service or repair will take but we are more than willing to guess and keep you updated as progress is made.

First come first serve. Appointments are rare, but if we can accommodate, we'll do so.

We do prioritize phone repair when we can so usually it's a drop it off and go grab lunch then pick it up kind of thing. As always it depends on parts being in stock (or pre ordered).

Most parts required for a repair need to be prepaid before ordering (if not an item we regularly stock). There may be exceptions at our discretion.

Parts that can't be found new can often be ordered used in which case there will be limited if any warranty. We'll advise you of this prior to ordering the parts.

Phone parts like screens have a lifetime warranty. This does not include screens that have been damaged, for example by drops or water. It also may or may not not include labor depending on the situation.

We are a super busy shop with just two of us here. Often we can take some time on the phone to answer questions but if you choose to call, please stick to the subject at hand so we can get back to our work of the day. After all, the more time we spend on the phone the less time we have to get stuff done!

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