Two Rebels Tech
8 West 5th, Tonasket, Wa. 98855

Tuesday - Friday | 8:00 - 5:00

Who we are and what we do

Two Rebels Tech is located in downtown Tonasket Washington. Though we specialize in phone, tablet, pc and mac repair, we also have been known to fix game stations and other miscellaneous electronics. We are not magicians, some things can't be fixed but we can definitely give it a shot.

We are a customer / service orientated business known for exceptional service. We do carry a retail supply of many of the most asked for tech accessories. USB flash drives, display cables, adaptors etc. We can help you with what you need and be sure it's going to work for you. We are not Walmart though ... Read our retail returns policy!

Some things we do

More things we do

Of note

We mostly run on a first come first serve basis, but occasionally can make arrangements to get you in on an expedited basis. It's not unusual for items to be mailed to us as well.

Private lessons (by appointment) are available for most basic computing and phone tasks!

Rock n Roll Rebels, not confederate :)

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